Our Mission

Ultimately, our goal is to build healthy communities and a sustainable rural health care system by enabling providers, clinicians, and other health care professionals to deliver the highest-quality care, at the most optimal cost, for the people of the region. We do this by collecting data on quality and cost metrics, promoting evidence-based medicine, encouraging patient engagement, and increasing the focus on whole-person wellness — all in an environment that provides support to our participating providers.

The ACO model has four essential priorities, which we call the “Quadruple Aim”

Improve the quality of care 

We continually look for improvement opportunities that may not be obvious. We work to better understand these opportunities by utilizing data from our network and our federal and commercial health plan partners. We use the data findings to create best practices that are shared and implemented among all providers and to inform and support providers as they work toward common goals for the region.

Increase patient satisfaction

We want to ensure that patients are getting the right care at the right time, in the right location, as well as create partnerships to offer patients more accessible and integrated community-based resources. We want to understand patients’ needs and help providers improve their care. We know that when patients are well cared for, and when we focus on prevention and disease management in addition to treatment for illness and injury, patients live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Make healthcare more efficient and cost-effective

When the cost of health care increases, families feel it, and this can deter some from seeking treatment, leading to poor health. By working together to make the system more efficient and cost-effective, we help our participating providers create a patient-centered environment focused on healthy outcomes rather than procedure volume. This will help reduce the cost of healthcare over time.

Increase provider satisfaction

Providers, clinicians, and other health care professionals want to help and heal people. Our goal is to support our provider teams by giving them the tools and supports to spend more time with patients, delivering care. In a traditional fee-for-service payment system, the focus is on sickness care rather than wellness and health care. Providers are paid by the appointment and not for the outcome.  The ACO has partnered with payers and government entities under valued-based-payment (VBP) models to change the incentive to keep our community healthy and are rewarded with shared savings for doing so.   The focus is on value, not simply volume. 

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