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We know you care about your patients and your communities. ADKs ACO provides an opportunity to be part of a team that works together to share best practices and collaborate to deliver the very best care. Our 800-plus providers care for more than 125,000 lives in the Adirondacks and northern New York regions. Here are some of the reasons they joined Adirondacks ACO.

Get more information on the process of joining Adirondacks ACO and help build a better state: 

Systemic improvement for a better future.

We are a provider-led entity that is working together to create the future we all want, with high-quality care, improved efficiency and outcomes, lower costs of care, and increased patient and provider satisfaction. Our vision for the future is a system that allows you to spend more of your time doing what you want to do: seeing and helping patients. 

Access to critical data that improves patient outcomes region-wide.

Through smart and efficient data collection, we promote evidence-based medicine. Our data sources include payer claims data and clinical data – all supported by a data aggregator providing a 360-degree view of a patient’s care. We study the effectiveness of procedures, treatments, wellness programs, and other patient-centered health care supports in order to develop best-practice opportunities that can be implemented across the region and ultimately improve the health of the entire population we serve. 

Efficient processes that respect your time.

Our providers focus on a single set of quality measures across six commercial payers. This way, you spend less time collecting data and more time improving care. We have also continued to enhance systems that measure quality at the ACO level, ultimately freeing up more of your time.

Financial support for non-traditional therapies.

Our primary care providers receive population health management payments for participation with Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, and commercial contracts. These foundational payments support the services that you want for your patients, but may not be reimbursable in the traditional manner – such as care management or diabetes education, for example.

Leverage and independence.

We are a provider-governed organization, designed to allow providers the opportunity to maintain your independence while giving you the value of shared resources, data, and support that will prepare you for the future of health care delivery.

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Interested in joining Adirondacks ACO?

We are currently accepting new provider applications for Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Washington and Northern Saratoga Counties of New York.

Get more information on the process of joining Adirondacks ACO and help us build a better state of care. 

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