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Board Members

Adirondacks ACO is governed by a Board of Managers that provides oversight of the services needed to fulfill the Quadruple Aim: “Improve the Quality of Care, Increase Patient Satisfaction, Lower the Cost of Care, and Increase Provider Satisfaction.”

Adirondacks ACO’s Board of Directors includes providers from all sectors of our regional health care system, as well as local residents who represent Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, and an individual who advocates for the uninsured. These individuals actively participate in board meetings, provide community input and guidance, and vote on all matters that come before the board. 

David Beguin, M.D.

Chair, ACO Participant

Chris Hickey

University of Vermont Health Network CVPH, ACO Participant

Kevin Gallagher, M.D.

HHHN, ACO Participant

Laura Pasco

CFO HHHN, ACO Participant

Craig Letourneau

Glens Falls Hospital, ACO Participant

Ann Marie Hatch

Glens Falls Hospital, ACO Participant

Michele Mannion, M.D.

Primary Care Medical Director, Adirondack Health

Paul Wilke

Medicare Beneficiary

Kristin Ambler M.D.

ACO Participant

Dan Hill

COO Adirondack Medical Center, ACO Participant

Kelly Lange

Network Vice President, UVMHN Managed Care Contracting

Paul Filion, M.D.

ACO Participant

Tess Barker

ACO Participant, CEO PPNNY

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

Executive Committee: David Beguin M.D. – Chair

Finance Committee: Christopher Hickey – Chair – Chair

Compliance Committee: Jeff Hiscox – Chair

Population Health Advisory Committee: Jun Chon, M.D. – Chair

In a time of stress and uncertainty in the world, I feel so lucky to work for the ACO. The many wonderful people who share a common goal — to support the wellness of mind, body & spirit in our region — makes me feel like I’m part of a tight-knit neighborhood called the Adirondacks.

Lisa Cyphers

Senior Performance Improvement Analyst

Adirondacks ACO team members bring both experience and passion to their roles. This is a unique team that has bonded over the mission to improve the health of our region and, in turn, the lives of our neighbors.


Karen Ashline

Chief Executive Officer

Jun Chon, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Sarah Wright

Chief Financial Officer

Katy Cook

Director of Partner Engagement

Jeremy Powers

Director of Clinical Quality Improvement

Laura Morris

Director of Data Analytics

Jeff Hiscox

Compliance Officer

Supporting Staff

Lisa Cyphers

Senior Performance Improvement Analyst

Amber Baker

Support Specialist

Melissa Joyce

Support Specialist

Tyler Babbie


Karlee Strong

Program Performance Analyst

Kate Pabst

Data Analyst

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We are currently accepting new provider applications for Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Washington and Northern Saratoga Counties of New York.

Get more information on the process of joining Adirondacks ACO and help us build a better state of care. 

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