Eric Burton

Kate Pabst

Data Analyst

Kate Pabst is a data analyst for the Adirondack Health Institute.  She provides statistical and modeling support for all areas of the Adirondack Health Institute and Adirondacks Accountable Care organization.  In addition, she provides programming support in R, Python, and SQL.  Kate’s areas of interest include predictive analytics and the effects of social determinants on health.  Currently she is working toward the goal of efficient transmission of data between the ACO partners, AHI, and government entities.

Kate has a MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University and a MS in Biostatistics from SUNY Albany.  After a stint in the semiconductor industry, she turned to data analytics.  Originally from Arizona, she moved with her husband to New York in 2010.  She is the proud parent of two boys.  Kate enjoys travelling, reading, and cooking.

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