Eric Burton

Meg Henning

Project Manager

Meg Henning has served an integral role within the ACO industry for the past four years. She has been a valuable member of each team she serves, switching from role to role to complete the tasks required of her. As a Project Manager, she has worked diligently to provide data reports with the data team, worked with payers, providers, and overall network support. Her previous experiences in digital marketing, consumer analysis, data analysis, and even time spent in the fashion industry gives her unique perspectives on community and provider outreach. She has committed herself to the consistent growth and expansion of skills required of her, with the goal always set on innovation and success of the ACO.

In her off time, Meg’s commitment does not rest. She is a devoted mother of her new baby boy Owyn, who she raises with her husband. After traveling the world, Meg has settled in Vermont with her family in the small town she grew up in. In the time they find together, she and her family enjoy walks along the shores of Lake Champlain.

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