Board & Committee

Board Members

Michelle LeBeau,

President CVPH, ACO Participant

John Brumsted, M.D.

University of Vermont Health Network CVPH

John Rugge M.D

Chair, HHHN, ACO Participant

David Slingerland, M.D.

CEO HHHN, ACO Participant

Chris Tournier

CFO HHHN, ACO Participant

David Beguin, M.D.

ACO Participant

Kristin Ambler M.D.

ACO Participant

Dianne Shugrue

CEO Glens Falls Hospital , ACO Participant

Patti Hammond

VP Physician Practice Management , ACO Participant

Sylvia Getman

Vice Chair, CEO Adirondack Health, ACO Participant

Elizabeth Buck, M.D.

Adirondack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, ACO Participant

Paul Filion, M.D.

ACO Participant

Eric Burton

CEO Adirondack Health Institute

Martin Mannix

Medicare Beneficiary

Amanda Bulris-Allen

Medicaid Beneficiary

Howard Schapiro, M.D.

University of Vermont Health Network CVPH

Tess Barker

Representative Uninsured Beneficiary

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

  • Executive Committee: John Ruggie M.D. – Chair
  • Finance Committee: Chris Tournier – Chair
  • Pop health committee: Wouter Rietsema M.D. – Chair
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