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Our Insurance Plans

Adirondack ACO serves as the provider network for several insurance plans that are available to New York residents. 

Adirondacks ACO entered its first contract with Medicare (2014) as part of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). Following the success of that contract, ADK has expanded its contracts with government plans and developed new contracts with commercial payers.

Types of Insurance Products


In 2012, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the Medicare Shared Savings Program to address the rising cost of care by incentivizing providers to focus on value over volume. The program offers accountable care organizations the opportunity to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries and share in potential cost savings if certain quality measures were met.

The government launched a new opportunity for ACOs in 2016 called the Next Generation ACO (NGACO), a Medicare model that has predictable financial targets, enables providers and beneficiaries greater opportunities to coordinate care, and aims to attain the highest quality standards of care. It also requires ACOs to shoulder a greater burden of risk.

Adirondack ACOs current government contracts include:


Like the federal government, commercial payers also need to address the rising cost of care. By partnering with an ACO like Adirondack, commercial payers can offer affordable insurance products where the provider network is incentivized to deliver quality care at a lower cost, which benefits the patient, the payer, and the provider.

Adirondack ACO entered several value-based contracts with commercial payers including:

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