Who We Are

A group of people, with you in mind.

Our network of healthcare professionals includes more than 800 providers, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals throughout Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Washington, and northern Saratoga Counties of New York.

What We Do

We build relationships with patients and community-based organizations.

Northern New Yorkers have been asking for an improved healthcare system, and we are here to support those efforts, by establishing access to high-quality care, better coordination among providers, and a way to manage the rising cost of health care.

When we succeed in delivering high-quality care while spending healthcare dollars wisely, we
achieve greater savings for you, the patient. Ultimately, this makes it easier for providers,
clinicians and other healthcare professionals to work together to keep you healthy and provide
you with the care you deserve. By taking a regional approach, we take the burden from each
individual practice and share it among many.

The right care, at the right time, in the right location.

Care Coordination is a collaborative process that promotes quality care and cost-effective
outcomes, enhancing the physical, psychosocial, and emotional health of individuals.

These supports are designed to link patients, providers, and community resources, supporting
improved health outcomes. The end goals are to improve a patient’s functional health status;
enhance coordination of care; eliminate duplication of services and reduce the need for
expensive medical services.

Care Coordination helps to ensure that you, our patient, gets the right care, at the right time, in the right location.

Our Mission

Our commitment to the Adirondack and northern New York regions.
We are committed to promoting evidence-based medicine, encouraging patient engagement, in an environment that provides support to our ACO participants.

We want to create a system that allows detailed reporting on quality and cost metrics. This will enable evaluation of performance, allowing better care for individuals, improved health for multiple populations, and lower per capita growth in expenditures.

In order to better serve the healthcare needs of our communities, we must improve whole-person wellness and maximize care efficiency.

Ultimately, our goal is to build healthy Adirondack and northern New York communities by
enabling the providers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals in our region to deliver the highest quality care, at the most optimal cost, for the people of the region.


Get in Touch

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Compliance Information

Toll-Free Telephone:
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