Champlain Valley Family Center- Recovery Campus

Champlain Valley Family Center- Recovery Campus (CVFC-RC) is a 16-bed, co-ed, drug and alcohol Residential Rehabilitation program for adults 18 and older. CVFC-RC opened its doors in 2018 in Schuyler Falls, NY. Each year, we serve approximately 175 individuals with substance use disorder, many of which are North Country residents. The approximate length of stay at CVFC-RC is 60-90 days.

While at CVFC-RC, residents are given comprehensive care that considers all the Social Determinants of Health. They will participate in individual, group, and family counseling. Every resident gets a psychiatric evaluation and continued mental health monitoring while in treatment. Individuals who are willing can explore Medication Assisted Treatment options such as Suboxone (sublingual medication) or Sublocade (injectable 28-day medication) for Opioid Use Disorder and Campral, Naltrexone, or Vivitrol (injectable 28-day medication) for Alcohol Use Disorder. We have a vocational counselor on site weekly to provide workshops on job hunting, resume building, and completing general vocational assessments. Parenting programs are available once a week for individuals who have children. We facilitate yoga, art, and many different recreational activities indoors and outdoors.

CVFC believes one of the most important aspects of treatment is planning a discharge that can set each individual up for success. There is a relapse prevention plan completed with each resident prior to discharge. Anyone discharged from the program is offered an outpatient substance use disorder treatment appointment, mental health appointment, a connection with Recovery Coaches/Peers, and a SAFE housing option. Local self-help meeting lists are also provided.

The goal of treatment at the Recovery Campus is to help each resident find their path to recovery. Questions and referrals should be directed to the Program Director, Jared Croy, at 518-643-0148 or via email at

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