Lilian Wu is the Program Performance Analyst at Adirondacks ACO. Her role entails supporting the ACO’s financial performance by focusing on service utilization and strategic analysis for our payer contracts, reporting her findings to the network stakeholders, ACO committees and the Board of Managers.  In 2021, she assisted in building a COVID -19 vaccine tracking dashboard for the north county region, supporting the region’s vaccination efforts.  This dashboard was recognized across the state as a best practice with our response to the pandemic.

In collaboration with our Northwinds IPA partners, we have recently developed the QUIC (Quality Utilization and Integrated Care) dashboard, which offers each Northwinds partner organization a view of patient care gaps and quality measures performance.  Lilian will provide overall management and support of the QUIC dashboard for the ACO and our Northwinds IPA partners.

Prior to her work here at Adirondacks ACO, she worked for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a project manager. A native from Taipei, Taiwan, Lilian loves helping people and is always eager to take on any data challenge! Outside work, Lilian is a skilled artist and for fun illustrates children’s books. When she is not drawing, she loves to be in the kitchen baking or cuddling up with her cat.

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